Motivational Speaking

'Beyond the clouds' is Damon's hugely inspiring journey of facing his biggest fear … and then finding the courage to conquer it.

Adapting his story to how fears effect each one of us in our daily lives, Damon takes his audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride…gently nudging them to live out of their comfort zones, and at the same time giving them the tools to overcome the obstacles holding them back.

His story is honest, relatable and hard hitting.

A journey of perseverance.... defeat, laughter, pain... and most of all beating the odds and investing insurmountable amounts of time and effort to reach his dream and achieve success.

Through his motivational talks, Damon has inspired so many individuals and employees to reach new heights. 



'Motivating and inspiring...

I laughed, and then sobbed, and then decided that I’d never give up again when I feel defeated'

Pat Marais - Durban


'I wanted to leap for joy at the end of his story....'

Leandri Lewis – Johannesburg



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