Trauma Counselling

What is trauma?

In a nutshell, extreme stress that overwhelms a person and their ability to cope.

This can then lead to a feeling of helplessness, pain, confusion, loss and abuse of power ... and even betrayal of trust and entrapment.

People experiencing trauma may feel socially disconnected and somewhat numb, leading to feelings of isolation. On top of this, they may find themselves feeling more afraid and vulnerable than before the experience.

Trauma is the mind's reaction to a specific event and can also include ‘one-time’ incidents like hi-jackings and accidents, child abuse, natural disasters, death or an abusive relationship.

The important thing to know is that not everyone will react to the same event in the same way - for example, some people would find falling from a height traumatic, while others choose to jump out of planes for fun.

Trauma also affects people in different ways and for some, the symptoms take weeks, months or even years to surface.

After successfully completing his theory exams and practical assignments, Damon gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working as a telephone and face to face counsellor. 

Damon was also a course facilitator at a trauma centre in South Africa providing a 24 hour confidential counselling service to members of the community. 

Whatever you’re going through, be it trauma, relationship challenges, sadness, anxiety, bereavement or sexual identity issues, Damon is trained to listen closely to you and your feelings and help you process traumatic and challenging events as well as develop ways to cope with the resulting emotions.


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